State of the Art Facility


Our stage, rigging, light and sound are second to none.  Performers are consistently impressed with the design and technical aspects of our center.  Many have noted that they experience a level of excellent and state-of-the-art performance technology at the PCOFA that is unequalled even in more prestigious venues.


We are currently updating this page. For specific information regarding sound and light, rigging, or any other tech specs, please contact Kristin Chittick at


Stage Measurements

  • Proscenium width: 50’; height: 25’

  • Center line to stage right: 27’7”

  • Center line to stage left: 32’8”

  • Plaster line to rear wall: 45’9”

  • Apron: 13’6”

  • Plaster line to edge of stage: 13’6” with pit; 4’ without pit

  • Height of battens: 26’5” + 18’ to top of curtains

  • Cyclorama: 62’